Xiaomi isn’t only expanding into areas like TV, fitness tracking and gaming accessories, but also more serious computing, like notebooks apparently. Their very first laptop has leaked on the web and can be seen below, looking pretty interesting.


The design is nothing out of the ordinary and as far as the product goes, a Xiaomi notebook has been the topic of discussion a while back, but without too much proof about it. The concept behind it was to create a subtle and light machine, sort of like a MacBook Air rival. We could be dealing with a fake here, so take the picture with a grain of salt. The Xiaomi laptop is said to come with a 15 inch Full HD screen and an Intel core i7 Haswell CPU.

It will also have 16 GB of RAM, so it’s suddenly a gaming powerhouse, but what about the graphics? It would be a real shame to pair all of these with Intel HD Graphics, right? The rumored price tag here is $500, which sounds too good to be true, especially since the Core i7 and RAM alone would eat up most of that price. Of course, that could be the starting price of a Core i3 version and work it up to $1000 or so, but we’ll probably learn more once the tech shows start rolling in.