Toshiba has managed to manufacture a smaller but more spacious type of SSD for tablets and ultraslim laptops, by adding the TLC 3D NAND to the BG1 SSD card product line. As a result capacity was doubled.


The BG1 came in August 2015, available as a 256 GB NVmE M.2 product and with an edge connector inserted into a socket. Working with the new type of boards, there’s a surface area 95% smaller than Toshiba’s 2.5 inch SATA storage devices and 82% smaller than the M.2 Type 22806 packages. The new type of storage doubles capacity and we’ll soon see more and more mainstream tablets with 256 GB and even 512 GB storage.


These will be delivered in either a 16 mm x 20 mm package or a removable M.2 Type 2230 module. While Toshiba has been out of the mainstream tablet game for a while now and hasn’t product an Android tablet in a while, they’ll surely score some profits with these storage modules.