Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a quad core tablet that was announced internationally yesterday and it was a pretty long awaited device, especially since it finally gives us an alternative to Tegra 3 slates. Now, thanks to the official video below we learn that there’s more to this tablet than Exynos power and 2GB of RAM.

For one thing you get a multiscreen option available, as some form of cool multitasking with multiple windows on the same screen. That includes a sort of Pop Up Play video area, plus the ability to work on documents and check out your email at the same time. You can take screenshots with your S Pen and you get 8 templates in the S Note to have fun with, or better said to work with. One can even record videos and add them to a complex S Note document. The virtual keyboard available here seems greatly changed from what I knew that Samsung would offer and somehow (don’t criticize me for this) it seems to resemble the iOS virtual keyboard.

Now you can launch the S Note from any screen, copy and paste content from any app and there’s a floating productivity bar to pick your tools/options from. You can also draw a table fast with shape match and turn handwriting into text in a single move. Notebooks are previewed easily and shape match can be used to create diagrams as well. Formula Match allows you to write complex math formulae and I liked the Samsung Learning Hub idea, since it basically allows you to create manuals for your pupils or kids, with 3D media content.