The future of input and control lies in gestures and voice, that’s for sure. How else will you control the glasses of tomorrow, that will replace phones and maybe even tablets? An example of gesture control is given in a recent Qualcomm showcasing video, that demoes some touch-free gesture control actions.

There’s a Snapdragon CPU at the core of the action, inside that tablet. As you can see, the person in the video is controlling a soccer game with head hitting action simply by moving his head in front of the embedded camera, that reads the gestures. There’s also another video, showing a cooking app with browsing action through hand gestures. The front facing camera will someday trigger an onscreen avatar, page forward movement and back through recipes, the easy setup of profiles and waking up slates with a hand or head movement.

Tactile free navigation is by no means totally new, but it’s the evolution of the system that interests us more. Video demos are shown below and I wonder how long till the real Kinect is implemented on Windows 8 slates.