It appears that Google could find its next Nexus partner in China, according to the latest speculation and Huawei may just be the “IT” company to create the new model. Speculations talk about a certain Huawei Nexus 8 and Slashgear went as far as to render the device.


Basically they modified a Huawei Honor 6 Plus and tweaked it with the Nexus logo. Sources from China are saying that Huawei has a good shot at making the next Nexus device, with rumors saying that the company could announce a Nexus phone or tablet later this year. In spite of the Chinese territory problems met by Qualcomm, there will still be their CPU inside, since frankly speaking I can’t see a Nexus with a MediaTek CPU or a HiSilicon.

Of course, this is all smoke and rumors, since neither Google nor Huawei have confirmed anything at this point. Sony was a candidate to make the next Nexus at some point, but their recent troubles may keep them away from that. Then there’s Motorola, but they’re basically making Nexus devices without the Nexus branding anyway. Is the next Nexus coming from China after all?



  • Mark McCoskey

    If Huawei is the next maker, I just hope the phone component is there. I’m quite fond of their MediaPad X1. Would be nice to see one with the Snapdragon 810. Just hope it works on all T-Mobile LTE bands. And if Google is going to be an MVNO, then all of Sprints LTE bands as well. I’m ready to upgrade my Note 2.