Since the official announcement just over two weeks ago, many were waiting to get their hand on the brand new version of the 4-th generation Apple tablet that offers increased storage. Now it seems that even if pricy enough, the variant is available for purchase.


Though Apple is not likely to brake another record in sales with this variant of the Retina iPad, the device has been highly expected. With the Apple App Store offering a great number of apps and games optimized for the iPad tablets, the extra storage option is a welcome addition. Counting the number of cloud based services and adding Apple’s own highly appreciated service does not mean that some users wouldn’t want their media stored locally.

With the mobile platform expanding at such a rapid pace, it will not be long until some quality games will take several GB of space on the internal memory of the device. That and the fact that movies and quality media in general takes so much space, may direct you to purchase a 12 GB 4-th generation iPad through the Apple app Store. The WiFi variant is priced at $799 while the WiFi + LTE variant will set you back $929. For AT&T the device is shipping in 1-3 days while the other network providers will ship the device in 3-5 days.