Amazon has done a good job customizing the Android OS on their flagship tablet to such an extent that one wouldn’t even recognize it as Google made. Given the case most users would have preferred a more familiar look and the possibilities that Android has used us with.


Last year and also for this year it is expected that the number of devices to benefit from the number 1 custom ROM for Android. Now that versions 9 based on ICS and Jelly Bean based version 10 are available in final form and also as nightly builds fore the most sensitive devices, the Amazon tablet is among those that will benefit from it to an extent. To clarify, we are not talking about an official build, but one based on CyanogenMod 10.1 compiled by developer Hashcode.

As it is expected in such cases, the ROM is not in its final form and most users will probably have to face some bugs here and there, until the testing can reveal most of them so the developer can work on fixes. As the Kindle Fire HD is among the fortunate devices to have an unlocked bootloader, installing a CM based ROM is likely to be an easy task. Having a custom recovery and the update package placed on the SD card, it is a matter of booting, wiping and flashing and it should go without problems. CM offers the stock vanilla Android interface with some key improvements in the most important areas of the OS.