We’ve heard about people ready to do anything to get their hands on a yet unreleased gadget, but for a blog to offer cash for some info about an upcoming product, that’s unheard of. This is the case of Valleywag, a Silicon Valley-focused Gawker blog, handing out a pretty serious bounty for photos of the Apple tablet, videos or the real thing.

They’re wiling to pay $10,000 for pictures, $20,000 for a video of the device, $50,000 for a photo/video of Steve Jobs messing with the tablet and finally $100,000 for one hour of hands on action with the real thing.

However, this initiative might be illegal, or so claim the lawyers that Washington Post queried regarding this issue. Apple could make a legal claim against the blog for breach of non disclosure contract, resulting in massive damages. Is exclusivity worth some serious legal action?

[via Washington Post]