Hiroki Totoki is the newly appointed CEO of Sony Mobile Communications and he recently held a gathering of the media in Japan to unveil the strategy of the mobile business at Sony. The discussion was pretty ample and we also learned some interesting facts.


For example, the Sony Mobile tablet business is very slim, at merely 5% of the entire segment sales in 2013. Totoki claims he expects the number to decrease to as little as 3 or 4%, as we get closer to 2016. Still, in spite of that, there are no plans to retire from the tablet biz for now. The news comes right after we learned that Sony may be making a 12+ inch tablet to unveil next year and a bunch of Vaio phones.

Sony wants to focus on the premium segment and offer its products with a higher price range. Samsung and Apple are also said to venture into the big tablet biz next year, so Sony is not alone in this strategy. In spite of having ultraslim designs and often being waterproof, the Xperia tablets were never big hits. We can’t help but wonder why, particularly since the last two models were quite good.

  • Red Right Return

    Price is the problem. Sony tablets are super high quality though – so you get what you pay for.

  • Robert Jasiek

    Sony must replace its recurring scandal reputation of being the most insecure big company, offer Windows and offer a varity of display ratios. If price were the problem, iPad and Surface would not exist.

  • stan

    Scandal aside, price is a problem. Ex: Tap 11, priced around the same or slightly higher than the Surface of the same generation upon release but, lower performance. Price performance ratio vs the Surface was the issue IMHO.