Sony just upgraded its PS Vita console with a new version of the 5 inch handheld device. The newcomer is thinner and lighter and surprisingly offers better battery life. The product was announced during a press conference in Japan and it’s called Sony PS Vita TV.


The device is 20% thinner than the first Vita and it’s also 15% lighter, measuring 15 mm and weighing 219 grams. It comes with 1 GB of storage, microUSB charging and a LCD display to replace the OLED of the predecessor. This product is supposed to bring an extra hour of battery life compared to the Vita 1, bringing the total functioning time to 6 hours.

The Vita TV will come in 6 colors, including blue, yellow, pink and olive green. Sony also announced that it will cut prices for proprietary memory cards in Japan and it will introduce a 64 GB capacity. The new console debuts in Japan on October 10th and the rest of the world soon after.