A firm from Dubai launched what they call “the world’s first tablet aimed exclusively at women”. The device is called the ePad Femme Tablet and it comes in a shade of pink and preloaded with apps like yoga, pregnancy software and cooking applications.


The tablet retails for $163 and it’s marketed by the Eurostar Group. The ePad Femme Tablet is destined for women who have a variety of hobbies, since it fits seamlessly with their passions. The device runs Android 4.0 ICS, it’s slim and fits in the user’s hand easily. It packs an 8 inch HD screen, a 1.5 GHz CPU and 16 GB of storage, plus WiFi and USB connection. Bundled here is a Sweet n’ Spicy app that provides ideas for recipes, plus Daily Yoga for exercise and Clothing Size that converts dress sizes in different countries.

The slate will come in pink apparently and for some reason I feel that the device may seem a bit of a cliche. Anyway, you should probably know that the ePad Femme Tablet features a HDMI port and has a HDMI cable bundled, that we the boys will probably borrow to use on our own tablets. The device weighs 440 grams and packs a 4200 mAh battery.

  • Arakiba

    And since it’s in Dubai, it must have an app for keeping track of the slave labor that does your housework!

  • aria

    WOW! This is pathetic…Why the need to constantly make gender matter? It only perpetuates sexism and sterotypes

  • soukup

    The pink is cutesy and annoying and the sales pitch is just totally insulting. Here’s an idea: if you’re looking for niche markets, market to parents, or to college kids, or to small business owners, or to some kind of group that actually HAS a set of needs and interests in common?

  • Krissi

    I hope there’s a man around to teach me how to use this thingy.

  • Anthocerotopsida

    It would be deeply offensive and racist to make a tablet for Asian people, to make assumptions about the imaginary, stereotyped needs of group of people, but it’s totally cool to make the LadyPad. It’s destined for women with a variety of hobbies, mostly yoga and pregnancy. How are lady hobbies different from hobbies? Oh that’s right, lady hobbies are drenched in pink. (Not to pit racism against sexism, they’re both deeply offensive.)

  • Carooaks

    I for one am not sure why there has been a negative backlash against this product’s release. As a woman, and therefore obviously hopeless at mathematics, I am enthusiastic about a product which will allow me to calculate my optimum fertility window without the need to bother my husband during his well-earned pipe and newspaper time.

    I presume it ships with all current affairs apps disabled so I never need to worry my pretty little head about any pesky troubles in the world?

  • Constance

    Does everyone remember Dell’s Della?

  • bbot9000

    Finally a shiny black rectangle for a woman.