The Surface 2 tablet is right now the latest Windows RT model that Microsoft released and many thought it would be the last. Apparently, the device is ready to get a follow-up, one that will come with full Windows, according to people in the know.


The last RT model debuted all the way in 2013, so it needs a successor, especially since the Surface Pro 3 was released without a Surface 3 appearing. Then there’s Surface Mini product, that was reportedly cancelled and apparently brought back again. The new Surface 3 will bring a low spec processor, either an Intel Atom or Core chip and the lack of Win RT means pretty much the death of the OS.

Speculations say the new slate may come around the time of the BUILD conference and it will launch soon after, probably with Windows 8.1 at first. Windows 10 will obviously be available on this model once it launches. A fanless design is expected, as well as a slim case. Should we take this release as a sign we won’t be seeing a Lumia tablet anytime soon?