A report from South Korea details the debut of the next gen iPad, that’s supposed to come to the local market in December, apparently. The info comes from local electronics vendors and carriers, that are ready to sell the new iPad Mini and iPad Air.


The same source says that an iPad-based conference will be held in October this year and it will debut the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. We’re pretty sure that the iPhone 6 will get its own event in September, so it would be strange to see Apple holding two separate big events a month apart. Supposedly, the one in October is a bit bigger, because it also includes the iWatch, a 12 inch Retina MacBook and more products.

China is also on the list to get the new iPad among the first countries. We expect the iPad Air 2 to change design a bit, particularly the speakers and buttons area and bring a Touch ID sensor in the mix, as well as a more powerful camera, CPU, more RAM and a bigger battery.