Education and tablets seem to go hand in hand, especially lately with Turkey buying over a dozen million iPads for schools, Indian adopting widely the Aakash tablet and now Sony entering the school system too. Of course, you probably know our opinion on Sony’s slates and how poor they are, but let’s discuss school for a bit…


Sony started a project called K-12 Education Initiative, an effort to give schools a discount on the Xperia Tablet S and that’s just the beginning. Sony will also use the Education Ambassador, an online resource that incorporates Android slates into the learning experience and classrooms and also offers 50 GB of free Box storage and a year of Kaspersky security services. Sony is already receiving orders and this means that the production problems of the Xperia Tablet S have been solved.

If I’m being mean, I could say they’re trying to get rid of the units left over after their slate was criticized harshly by the media and reviews. A short reminder of what we did like about the Xperia Tablet S: SD card slot, great speakers and audio player UI, Guest Mode and Remote feature. That’s it….