Looks like Microsoft has decided to hit it off with SkyDrive and now the software giant is celebrating its first 250 million of users adopting the online storage offer. Looking back on how Microsoft launched and treated the service we realise the performance of having so many adopters in a relative short amount of time.


Upon analysing the cloud storage offers coming from Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, we must admit Microsoft has managed to offer a highly competitive service in both terms of prices and features. SkyDrive comes with 7 GB of free storage by default, and with $ 10 / year you can go up adding another 20 GB to your account.

Microsoft has even posted a compare list between the different online storage options and SkyDrive. The service comes available for all platform, by default in Windows 8 and with apps available for Android, iOS, Nokia (Symbian), and Windows Phone. It offers a simple and attractive interface on all platforms along with document and media features. Where to from here? MS states its plans on going for a Billion users and beyond.