Acer has had an interesting battle of statements with its partner, Microsoft and I wonder why MS hasn’t grown tired of their attacks… At some point they claimed they feared the Surface tablet, then they said that Windows 8 is a failure and now they’re attacking Windows RT. How’s that for a partner?


Company president Jim Wong recently said that there’s no value in working on products with Windows RT on board. Last week we had a big Acer event in New York, where the company actually unveiled some very interesting Windows 8 products, so they remain strong MS partners. From what we know, Acer was supposed to release a Windows RT tablet this quarter, but that didn’t come through.

Rumors say that the device was canceled, to make room for more profitable initiatives. Maybe a Blue version of Windows RT will restore the Microsoft hardware partners’ faith in the platform, that no one seems to figure out right now. It’s slower than Windows 8, doesn’t allow .exe installs and also more buggy…