Sharp is another big name to join the Windows 8 battle, with a tablet that sports a very impressive resolution. The model is pictured below, courtesy of the CEATEC show in Japan, taking place these days.


Sharp’s device is called the Mebius Pad and supports a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution on a 10.1 inch IGZO panel. The device’s internals include an Intel quad core Atom CPU, the Z3370 and the OS is Windows 8.1 with free Office. The product is both water and dust proof and it will be available with LTE radios on board, at least for the Japanese market.

The launch will go down in early 2014 and the device was handled at CEATEC to some very good impressions from journalists. It has a very crisp screen and Sharp even provided a magnifying glass, so you can admire the quality of the display. The design of this model makes it resemble recent Sony tablets a bit and that’s a compliment these days.