There’s an app out there called RemotePlay, that allows you to share photos, music, videos and documents from your mobile device to other devices in the same network. This includes both iOS and Android devices and this app’s Android version debuted this Thursday, so that’s why it’s suddenly interesting.


There’s also an iOS version of the app incoming. What’s best about RemotePlay is the ability to connect Android and iOS finally. If you want to show everyone in your home network a certain picture, this app allows you to do that. Or you can share a document with all coworkers on the same server. RemotePlay has been created by Piddas21, a Taiwanese startup, that was founded by Quanta Computer, so it has good references.


RemotePlay combines proprietary discovery protocol and basic HTTP for file transfer and it even handles transcoding in order to make content from iOS devices playable on Android gear. This may lead to a bit of lag when sharing videos, because of the transcoding. A Windows 8 version is also in the making right now! You can get the Android app from here.