Windows 8 may not be going so well and it’s even getting blows from Microsoft hardware partners, but one thing is for sure: its advertising and marketing is top notch. In India, for example you get Priya, a virtual hostess showing you the features of the OS.

hologram windows 8

She seems to be a hologram or projection of sorts, which is a very cool way to promote a product. Microsoft is going all out here and while we were surprised to see random Nicki Minaj concerts in Times Square for Windows Phone, nothing can surprise us now, when it comes to their marketing. They’ve already handed out hundreds of thousands of devices to developers and employees, offered some crazy promotions, like an included Xbox 360 with a Windows 8 ultrabook and now this.

And even with these promotions, the adoption of Windows 8 seems to be slow and some people even compare it to Windows Vista, at least one guy at Samsung did. We’ve seen a Tupac hologram on stage for a concert, but using such a tech for promotion is going all out. There could be some glass there, but I can’t really tell…