The list of hardware enemies that Microsoft is making grows today, as Samsung is becoming increasingly restless on the sidelines of the Windows 8 evolution. We’ve seen Dell, Acer and HP complaining about either Windows RT, Windows 8 or the existence of the Surface tablet. Now Samsung has some harsh words about the OS.


Over the past weeks Samsung announced it was pulling back the Ativ Tab slate, first from USA and then from Europe. Now Jun Dong-soo, president of Samsung’s memory chip division has claimed that he doesn’t expect the PC industry to bounce back and also said that Windows 8 is no better than Vista. That’s a cruel thing to say, since even Microsoft is ashamed with Vista, a total failure of a platform.

Jun also said that the Windows Surface tablet is seeing lackluster demand, while Intel pitches for skinnier ultrabooks have failed. Windows 8 has truly failed to catch on, in spite of everyone’s optimism and this may come back and bite Microsoft in the back some day. I can’t say they’ll go bankrupt over this, but they will certainly take a hit.