The big day has finally come and today Samsung is going to hold an event meant to unveil its first foldable phone. The conference is going to take place in about 5 hours and it’ll be live streamed on YouTube, via the link below. We have extra details about it.

We knew this day was coming for a while now and we’ve been tracking the progress of the project with great attention. Samsung’s event today is a Developer Conference, so the foldable may feel a bit out of place, actually. We are expected to see the UI of the new foldable and a premiere of prototype images, so probably not the actual, physical device.

Its launch is said to take place in the first part of 2019, maybe at CES 2019 or MWC 2019. The South Korean firm has been working for over 5 years now and the result is said to have a 7.3 inch diagonal when unfolded and about 4.2 inches when folded. We don’t have a clear view of the hardware specs, but judging by last week’s FlexPai, we may even see a Snapdragon 8150 CPU inside. We should see a limited edition production of the finalized model next year.

Don’t expect a really flexible device here, that you can bend to your will. It’ll most rather be a foldable down the middle affair, with a vertical clamshell style format.