Over the past week we’ve been seeing Apple iPad Pro (2018) benchmarks, some of them even crushing MacBook Core i7 laptops. Today we get more details about the devices’ performances, which have the Apple A12X behind them as the secret weapon. Let’s check them out.

When it came to multi core performance, the iPad Pro (2018) reached a very impressive 17.995 points in GeekBench, while a Windows laptop with a Core i7 CPU may reach 14.180 (Dell XPS 13 for example). The Microosft Surface Pro 6 only gets to 13.025 points. It’s not just theoretical benchmarks, but also practical stuff. For example, the newcomer transcodes a 12 minute 4K video using Adobe Rush in just 7 minutes and 47 seconds.

The Dell XPS 13 takes 31 minutes and 3 seconds, which is mind blowing. Surface Pro 6 needed 31 minutes and 54 seconds for that same task. The 13 inch MacBook Pro also needed 25 minutes and 53 seconds. Photo editing was also very fast, as converting 50 RAW files to JPG in Lightroom took just 59 seconds, while the rivals needed over a minute. Dell XPS 13 needed 2 minutes for completion.

The iPad Pro does certain tasks better than some Windows laptops, apparently. AnTuTu benchmark also confirmed the new iPads are beasts, with cores as high as 557,679 points, which is a 50% bump from the iPhone XS and XS Max even. That’s a huge amount of power to have on the go, in the palms of your hands. Now imagine if this reached an iPhone and the way games may look thanks to it.