Samsung’s foldable phone is in the news again, this time thanks to some leaks from South Korea, that are talking about the device’s diagonal. Apparently it’ll come with a 7.3 inch OLED screen and we have more details below.

Samsung already admitted it has the product in development and that it exists. Their mobile chief DJ Koh also admitted that the product exists, so we should see it at CES 2019 probably. Some even say that it’ll be unveiled this year during Samsung’s Developer Conference in November. The presumed name is Samsung Galaxy F and the device is expected to be a sort of clamshell, with a predilection for vertical orientation rather than horizontal one.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone may also end up looking like a book, or like the ill fated Microsoft Courier even. The new report talks about the 7.3 inch OLED display made by Samsung Display with a 1.5R curvature. The external part of the screen has a 4.6 inch diagonal and thanks tot he flexibility you can expand or contract it. There’s once again talks about the production of the foldable displays hitting somewhere between 100,000 and 120,000 units a month.

Samsung Display is said to have placed orders for 150,000 to 180,000 units per month, because of yield issues. It all feels experimental and I fail to see the selling point… Flexibility was seen once or twice before, but it didn’t catch one.