The tablet market has been dropping seriously ever since 2014, with the core factors being the ascension of big screen smartphones and the fact that everyone has a tablet now. Apple has been hurt by this, but Samsung too, as proved by the recent tablet shipment figures published online.

As global tablet shipments fell 9% in Q4 last year, Samsung itself was hurt in the double digit margin. The info comes from Strategy Analytics and shows us that Samsung shipped 8.1 million units over the last 3 months of the year 2016, down from the 9 million of the Q4 2015. This means that Sammy registered a 10% decline and went from a 12.9% market share to a 12.8% share.

Apple dropped by 19%, so they’re doing worse, going from 16.1 million units to 13.1 million. Not everybody’s doing so bad, because Amazon, Lenovo and Huawei had big shipment increases. They range from 21% to 49%, with Huawei being the biggest grower. Samsung is ready to bounce back, as they’re preparing the Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy TabPro S2 for a MWC 2017 unveiling.