The Nintendo Switch is turning out to be less and less of a tablet and more of a console. Today we learn that the product won’t have a web browser preinstalled and also won’t have support for video streaming apps.

The console goes live on March 3rd for $299 and its lack of web browser has been confirmed by CEO Tatsumi Kimishima, which won’t support this feature at least at launch. In the future we may get such a feature, but don’t bet on it. It’s weird that Nintendo decided this, since they offered a pretty capable Wii U browser, one that was even usable in the middle of gameplay.

The console is also said to be getting its own flavour of FIFA 18 this year, a specifically tailored version, although the details haven’t been made available. This also means you won’t be playing current gen EA Sports titles, but rather waiting for the fall ones. And as far as browsing goes, I expect people to hack their devices and stream or browse at will… At least VR has a better shot at coming to the device.