Samsung likes to get its paws in all the honey jars, so aside from Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, they also had Bada, Tizen and will probably have Firefox OS. They also like to experiment with many CPUs, so now they’re getting into the Intel biz, with a new generation of Atom line, the Bay Trail one.


Bay Trail is part of the Silvermont series and it’s built on the 22 nm process. According to Intel representatives, the platform can be 3 times more productive than current Intel Atom devices, like the Acer Iconia W510 for example. Power usage may remain the same or decrease slightly. Samsung didn’t detail the product too much, other than the fact it will have a touchcscreen and hardware keyboard, so it will be a hybrid of laptop and tablet, not a traditional Windows tablet.

Samsung and Intel’s cooperation may aim at offering a decent alternative to ARM products. Bay Trail actually has 3 variations, one for tablets, one for sub notebooks and one for low cost desktops. From what we know Intel Bay Trail devices may be ready as soon as June, or August at the latest. Hopefully, the price will be decent.