Another day, another Samsung patent pops up, of course related to the foldable smartphone. This time it seems to be a more complex and multifunctional machine. It converts to both a car GPS and a smartwatch to wear on the wrist. Let’s check it out.

This multifunctional electronic device can be used as a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, alarm clock radio and car nav system. The patent has been spotted at USPTO and WIPO, so Samsung really means business. It’s a flexible machine according to documents, dating as far back as October 2016 and coming from Korea. The housing includes 3 parts, like two narrow segments on both ends and a center piece.

The two side ends can be folded backwards or left as they are. The middle part is slimmer than the other two parts, which helps with flexibility. One could even make that part a transparent display or even an E-Ink panel. The two ends are a bit stiffer, so they’ll most likely hold within them the processor, battery, camera and the likes. Once you fold the device, the large middle section can be used as the main smartphone.

This handset can function as a dual display phone, with a front display and a back one. When unfolded, it all becomes a very narrow and wide device. We see the device placed above the steering wheel, plus a flexible watch on the wrist. This is one of the few patents that doesn’t detail a hinge mechanism, so we’re left in the dark here a bit.

Sources talk about the device opening up like a 7 inch tablet, while when closed it’s a 5.8 inch smartphone. For those wondering, the product is placed on top of the car dashboard to serve as GPS via magnetic holder. Don’t hold your breath for this happening anytime soon. Aside from this, you might also need to resort to services like mobile roadworthy Brisbane that is perfect for your vehicle.