We’ve been hearing for a few years now that Apple was getting ready to come up with a hybrid between an iPad and MacBook, or maybe some hybrid of iOS and macOS. Things got so ramped up that even Tim Cook felt the need to react to that. Let’s see what he said.

Google and Microsoft also working towards mergers of their mobile and desktop platforms, so it would be odd for Apple to be left out. Anyway, Tim Cook was in a classroom in Chicago recently to discuss with educators the new iPad 9.7 and its appeal. He mentioned that a full specced and accessorized iPad of the sort, with Apple Pencil and keyboard would be great at below $600 for students.

Of course some folks would maybe require a Macbook for more hardcore tasks like Adobe sound, photo and video editing. And now as far as the Tim Cook response goes, he responded to the statements of The Sydney Morning Herald’s Peter Wells. The Apple CEO claims that making a hybrid of iOS-Mac (which I see as him also saying iPad/MacBook hybrid) wold water down both products.

Both are great, claims Tim Cook and Apple would actually have it easier by making a hybrid. However, a merger means that tradeoffs are made and also sacrifices. That would harm the customer in the end. If you ask me, the hybrid is inevitable, even if it comes in the form of just a MacBook with touch keyboard, or two screens in lieu of just one. It’ll happen, no matter what Cook says!