We usually cover interesting Apple patents, but today we’ve uncovered one from Samsung and boy, it’s a doozy. The documents associated to it hint at a device that features flexible glass, a cylindrical body and a 360 degree camera, as well as a projector that creates a virtual keyboard.

The info comes from the US Patent and Trademark Office, who published the patent application from Samsung. It unveils a cylindrical mobile device, that uses flexible displays. There’s a very vague definition of the machine, that could be a smartphone, a mobile TV or a gaming device, as well as a peripheral. The flexible screen can be deployed using mechanical force or a shape memory alloy.

Its 360 degree camera can be used in sync with a Gear VR and the projection system on board is able to project a virtual keyboard, as revealed by the documents. The components of the machine include a housing, a support structure and a flexible display. The upper end of the support structure could include an infrared ray output unit, that will output the virtual keyboard.

Sounds a bit dreamy, even for a patent or concept…