ARM Cortex A15 processors are powerful chips that offer impressive device performance, similar to the one that you’ll see on a lower power desktop PC. That’s why getting such power on a handset or tablet is a big deal nowadays, especially if that device comes from a lower end budget slate maker.


The Nexus 10 debuted that type of chipset into the modern world and we expect many more devices to follow. reports that Chinese electronic makers Ramos and Smart Devices are currently developing new tablets that rely on ARM’s latest processor technology. Ramos is supposed to be using the same Samsung Exynos 5250 processor as the one on the Nexus 10, but this time the product will be affordable, although the Nexus 10 was also pretty affordable on its own, at $399.

Smart Devices didn’t mention which ARM Cortex A15 chipset they’ll use, so they may surprise us with a quad core. Odds are that it could be a TI OMAP 5 in the end and frankly, it would be nice to see TI OMAP units out there, aside from those on Kindle Fire tablets. Texas Instruments also offers good support for Linux and Android, so we may see some Ubuntu affordable slates.