The US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Samsung earlier this month, that showed a new concept regarding a flexible hinge assembly for notebooks. Today we have a glance at the patent, that also refers to hybrid notebook designs.


The aim here is to connect the keyboard segment with the display/tablet segment more seamlessly. The real innovation here is the hinge, that involves miniature gears, placed under the flexible cover. They will firmly and controllably hold the notebook lid into place and open at various angles. This patent application was filed in the first quarter of the year, so we’re bound to see a product come out of it soon.

Perhaps we could see a new Samsung device with Android and Windows on board, launched at IFA 2014. It would be both a notebook with a huge resolution, high end specs and a tablet that detaches from that sturdy looking hinge. If you ask me, this spine-like mechanism looks even more fragile than previous hinges. All it takes is one bad gear and it’s all gone.