Samsung recently patented a new smart speaker, a potential Galaxy Home successor, which is said to come with a small circular screen. It could be the Samsung Galaxy Home 2, but since the Home 1 hasn’t even hit the stores, the jury is out on its identity.

Samsung has only filed for a patent application for the device, so there’s a bit of waiting to do till it actually comes out. The documents describe the newcomer as a “speaker device including touch display”. It’s a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, according to the patent filing, but it’s also more compact than Amazon and Google’s latest gizmos.

If you’re interested in the latest technology and gadgets, you might be curious about the upcoming circular touchscreen display device. Based on the sketches, it looks like it will have a similar design to the Amazon Echo Spot, but with some key differences. While we don’t know the exact dimensions of the display, it seems like it won’t be large enough for video playback. Instead, it will likely display information about what you’re playing, such as the artist, song title, and genre.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this new device is its speaker setup. Unlike the Amazon Echo, which has a down-firing speaker, this one could be front or rear firing. This could have a significant impact on the sound quality and overall performance of the device. To learn more hear about this exciting new product and stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the tech world, be sure to keep an eye out for updates from reliable sources.

A standard moving magnetic coil type speaker seems to be the obvious choice. An interesting rotation knob with haptic feedback also appears, via a vibration plate applied behind the touchscreen display. It’s supposed to emulate volume control gradations and haptic feedback for the touch input. I’m sure Bixby will be part of the package and in the meantime we expect the launch of the first Galaxy Home in November.