Samsung just got awarded a few more patents, ones that you’ll find familiar for a number of reasons. Among them, there’s the fact that their devices resemble the ASUS PadFone for one and the iPhone, for another. We have previously seen an initiative from Samsung that seemed to involve a tablet shaped like a PadFone slate, so we’re not surprised.

20-8-2014 21-07-59 PM

The other patents show phones that are pretty basic, in line with the devices we already know from Sammy. One of the most interesting things about ASUS is that every year for the past 4-5 they’ve innovated in the tablet and phone area, particularly the design, but they haven’t been shouting it out in the world like HTC or Apple. They’ve kept quiet and not even tried to sue that one or two companies that copied their PadFone.

One would tend to believe they’re either modest or that they don’t have the design patent for the whole PadFone deal. Even if Samsung gets away with a tablet/phone combo, the eye of the public won’t look too kindly on them, branding them again as copycats…