I’ve come across a very interesting patent today, one that Samsung got recently and one that’s covered in mystery. We seem to be dealing with a smartphone-like device that can be inserted in the back of a tablet, much like the ASUS PadFone series.


The patent was filed on June 26 2012 and approved on July 9th 2013. Since everything moved so fast, it means Samsung was covered on the grounds of the design and they may not be ripping off the ASUS PadFone design after all. Anyway, from what I know there’s another Asian company that launched a similar format of device and ASUS didn’t sue them or anything, so the format may be patented by someone else.

Back to the device, I seem to spot no SIM tray, volume buttons or camera on the “smartphone”, leading me to believe it may not be a smartphone after all. It could be one of those modular devices, that uses a module piece that contains stuff like the CPU, RAM and storage, that can be swapped out for a more powerful configuration as time passes. Seeing how Samsung only upgrades slightly its products, they would never do that… so, what is this ?!