After debuting last week at IFA 2013 in Berlin, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet has its ad campaign started this week already. It all begins with the lengthy video below, that doesn’t seem to have a clear theme, except for a young girl who wants to make it and uses the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear to communicate.


Samsung has been spending billions of marketing for the past years and while they don’t have a Robert Downey Jr by their side like HTC, they have what it takes to take over the airwaves and web. Previous Note commercials were all about business, productivity and such, but now the company seems more oriented to the fun things in life.

The spot you can see here is titled “Sweet Dreams” and there’s even a portion where the Eurythmics song plays in the end. This is the creation of Leo Burnett and it will involve TV, print and online videos, focused on musical experiences apparently. The Note 3 and Galaxy Gear will debut in stores on September 25th and once again I have to say this is not the best ad I’ve seen over the past years…