Samsung Galaxy View is a huge 18.4 inch tablet announced by Samsung this week and now it’s started to get dedicated content and apps. This product is considered by Samsung an “entertainment device” and now it gets a special CNN app.


Dubbed “CNN for Samsung Galaxy View”, the app is available for free in the Play Store and uses a tiled magazine format. The slide menu text is kind of small and there’s a focus on video stories and photo galleries, that the consumer has an easier time to follow in today’s busy word. Alert notifications for breaking news are included as well as well as local news and weather.

Interestingly, the Play Store senses your device and doesn’t let you download the app. Of course sideloading may follow, bringing the app to other biggies like the 12.2 inch Galaxy Tab Pro or those 20 inch 4K slates from other makers. Galaxy View doesn’t have an official price but retailers are showing the product at $599.