The week has barely started and there’s already a major leak here, the one of the presumed Motorola XOOM 2. Packing a 7 inch display, this slate was previously promised by Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha as a follow-up for the Motorola Xoom 1. The folks of This is my next received this picture, but no trace of specs yet…

This device looks very slim, extremely slim actually and it seems to be running Honeycomb. Considering how new this model is and the affiliation of Motorola to Google, I’m expecting Android Ice Cream Sandwich on it ASAP. WiFi and Bluetooth should be on board, as well as 3G/4G, a microUSB port and most likely a HDMI one as well, in the micro version.

If this image is real, we’re dealing here with a revamped model, one that leaves behind the rectangular angles of the original unit. Some people compare this tablet with the Photon 4G already and that’s a sexy handset, I’ll give you that. No trace of when this tablet will be announced, but soon would be a good guess…

  • Anonymous

    7″ means 1280×800 resolution.

     Next year is all about going beyond 1280 and 1024 resolutions.

    Really waiting for the first 10″ Android devices that pack a higher resolution and hopefully a capacitive pen.

    Here’s looking at you, lenovo

  • Deian Stancu

    this can’t be Xoom 2, everybody wants a bigger screen tablet, 10″ or something close, and Motorola shrinks it? No, this must be a mistake, something is missing here. Maybe Motorola wants a 7″ too like Samsumg, but to replace a 10″ tablet with a smaller one doesn’t make sense.