Believe it or not the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is rumored to play nicely with the DeX. It’s said to work as a secondary monitor, a feature activated once the Galaxy Note 9 comes out.

Sammobile claims that the Tab S4 could end up being the first tablet with DeX support. Up until now, the DeX dock let you plug in a Galaxy S8, Note 8 and S9 and power up a monitor, keyboard and mouse. With the latest version of the DeX Pad, you can even use the S9 as a touchpad for navigation and input.

In the future DeX wil let you use two monitors at once, either two displays and a display and tablet. With DeX you can run Android apps in a Windows-style desktop view, that includes a taskbar, launcher, status notifications and more. You can use multiple windows, resized windows and even do videocalls or gaming.

Samsung also has plans to launch a “Linux on Galaxy” feature that will make the DeX more desktop-like, letting you run the GNU/Linux software. Dual screens hooked up to the DeX will let you do extra video or photo editing, or maybe better PowerPoint presentation.