@evleaks doesn’t take the weekend off and published yesterday a picture of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. This is a new picture by the way, showing us a design that involves side speakers, much like the NotePro device and Note 10.1 2014.


The back of the slate is dotted, just like the Galaxy S5 and the tablet appears to be pretty thin and light. The bezels are kept to a minimum, but the bottom side keeps the physical Home button flanked by two capacitive buttons. The back features a camera placed in the middle and a flash below it, if I’m nit mistaking. We also spotted a charging port, a microSD card slot  and an audio jack.

The software also looks like it’s toned down from the Magazine UX experience, so maybe Google pulled some strings and made Samsung more compliant with its rules. Magazine UX is gone apparently and we get a standard tablet UI. The color choice here also looks interesting, combining brown and copper a bit.