The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been in the news once or twice before on account of its issues. First, the Google I/O Limited Edition of the slate seemed to have a faulty screen, that wasn’t glued well enough to the rest of the tablet and then we found out that some people might get a thicker Galaxy Tab 10.1 than others. And now this…

XDA Developers users are facing a very annoying problem: their Galaxy Tab 10.1 units seem to have trouble waking up from sleep mode, especially after a while has already passed. Strangely enough, the PC sees the tablet as active, if you connect it, so it’s not a matter of dead battery. There’s no button combo to fix this, for now…

Some of the unlucky guys with this problem have found workarounds, but they vary so much they’re useless. Let’s hope that Samsung gives us the much needed software fix for this. Is your slate facing similar problems?

  • Ed

    Sad to say I’m having this same problem. 🙁
    Sometimes I have to push the power button 5 times just to get it to wake up.

  • S. S.

    Ed, are you exchanging yours? Or just keeping it?

  • samot

    Bad luck. The same problem on my side; I have 2 Galaxy Tab 10.1; One if freezing in sleeping mode other not. Both the same model 3G one 64GB other 16GB. Unique difference that “freezing” 64GB has inside SIM card. “16GB” is without SIM. SIM just removed. Lets see.