The first promo video for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2, supposed to be the first Tegra 3 quad core tablet this year has appeared. It’s not a leak, since ASUS published the video on its Facebook page together with an advertising campaign called “The Next Transformation”, that will continue till the device is launched.

The video shows us the classic tablet + keyboard, that will get a repeat on the new Transformer, but this time with the potent Kal-El CPU on board. The table’s design looks a bit changed and more elegant, but it may be the fault of the trailer here, making it seem like that. The screen size is unknown, but 10 inches is the most likely option and there are rumors that the future generation of Transformer tablet will be compatible with the first Transformer’s keyboard dock.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich might be on board or maybe offered as an upgrade in days or weeks after the tablet’s debut. After all, Google has somewhat of an obligation to Motorola, since they bought them and will most likely offer the Xoom the first upgrade. Another thing I notice in the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2 promo video is that the device seems extremely light, which is always a welcome feature.

  • Deian Stancu

    It won’t have ICE on board, Asus said that only in 2012 in January will have that update.
    So it’s an another useless Android Honeycomb tablet. It can have Tegra 5, but if it’s with an aged and crappy Honeycomb, and without 3G, it’s shitty.

  • Anonymous

    And what’s so special about Android 4 that it’s must have? With Android 4 they just brought honeycomb features to mobile phones and I really doubt any tablet except the Xoom will have Android 4 until 2012.

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