Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 was announced a day before MWC 2013 started and it was one of the hottest new items there, being showcased as the brand new flagship device made by Samsung. It’ll remain like that till a new Galaxy Tab model comes with higher end specs or till the Galaxy Note III rolls out the gates. Till then we get a promotional comparison with the iPad Mini.


There’s a series of ads showing what the Galaxy Note 8.0 brings as extras compared to the iPad Mini. For example, the Multi Window option is mentioned, as well as a comfortable reading hub and the basic specs list that surpasses the Apple tablet in some areas. The only area where the iPad Mini is shown as having an upper hand is the thickness. The Galaxy Note 8.0 is expected in stores in April and the price is a big higher than the one of the iPad Mini.

I can’t wait to see a comparison between the Galaxy Note 8.0 and the iPad Mini 2, once the Retina Display model launches. Things will certainly be more different. If you ask me, the iPad Mini also wins in the design department, being sexier than the overly rounded Note 8.0 Also, where they see less screen quality I see oversaturation on the Note 8.0.