Samsung insiders have supposedly confirmed some details about the Galaxy Note III. After all tomorrow is the launch day for Galaxy S IV, so the rumors about it will end and the ones about the Note III will start.


Last I heard, the new Note was supposed to have a 6.3 inch display and the Samsung rivals have already started to pre-empt its launch. Huawei has a 6+ inch phablet, Sony is rumored to be making one and if I’m not mistaking ZTE also has a behemoth like that. Samsung is still trying to decide whether or not to use an OLED display, but LCD is also on the tablet, the same one used on the Note 8.0.

The LCD screen works better with the S Pen stylus, for an improved experience. The reason for the switch is the Samsung $130 million investment in Sharp, that could lend its IGZO LCD technology for the Note III. That gives it better power usage, brightness and pixel density, plus it’s thinner.