The folks of Android Police have discovered something we never like to see on device’s we’re testing: a fault. It appears that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a fault, that’s triggered by a simple mistake: inserting the S Pen backward in its slot.


Usually, Galaxy Note models had styluses with thicker ends, so they wouldn’t fit in the slot, if inserted wrong. The new model doesn’t have that and it’s easy to mistake things and insert it backwards. The problem is that once you do that it gets stuck, as shown in the video below and it’s very hard to remove, if not impossible. Also, if you force it out, you risk breaking the stylus detection mechanism inside.

You don’t even have to insert the pen all the way to get it stuck, it seems. Samsung likes details and finishing touches, so it’s a wonder that such a detail escaped them. The Android Police guy claims that the pen detection of the review unit Note 5 was broken and then the S Pen got hopelessly stuck in the slot. A statement is expected from Samsung regarding this potential flaw.