There’s a multitude of keyboard accessories for tablets out there and some of the best are made by Logitech. Well, today we’ve found out that Microsoft just debuted a concept of such a device, the Microsoft DisplayCover, that’s a more evolved version of such accessories.


Basically, this is the prototype of a new type of keyboard cover for slates, that comes with a built in E Ink touchscreen above the Fn keys. The DisplayCover is able to display different graphics depending on the actions you’re performing with it or the tablet. The E Ink screen offers a 1280 x 305 pixel resolution and for example it can show the Windows Live Tiles.


You can tap one to launch an application, or see info like incoming messages, weather status and other info and notifications. E Ink has the advantage of lower consumption of energy, so it won’t affect the battery life of the keyboard. One can also use the touch sensitive area to swipe, scroll or tap, just like on a laptop’s touchpad. The advantage is that this touch area is quite big here, so you can pull multi hand gestures, like multi finger pinches or twisting gestures.


Digital pen support is also available and the product is detailed in the video below: