Samsung took a more emotional approach to its Samsung Galaxy Note 4 promotion, by publishing a video that focuses on the use of handwriting, particularly by children. As you know, Samsung has an Unpacked event scheduled for September 3rd in Berlin, during IFA 2014. There they will unveil the Galaxy Note 4, that’s already been promoted on the streets of Beijing.

note 4 teaser

The newcomer is expected to bring an evolved stylus, an improved S Note application and many other goodies. The 75 second teaser ad below focuses on the forgotten values of handwriting, that helps us memorize stuff better, makes writing a more personal experience and offers more confidence to children learning it. Nowadays, handwriting is a vestigial tool of the past and it’s pretty clear that in some of the instances in the clip, it works slower than regular writing.

Just check out that guy in the car “writing it down”. He would have taken 2 or 3 seconds to write that in a memo using virtual keys. Anyway, if Samsung manages to bring handwriting to the masses with the Note 4 hats off to them, but odds are that the new phablet will only remain a tool for professionals, like the previous versions.