During a special event organized in Taiwan and meant for white hat hackers, there was some entertainment provided, such as the huge tablet below. It’s basically a coffee table a la Microsoft Surface (the OG one), that features some light card games.

big tablets

I’ve seen such a table or two in my lifetime and I was pretty impressed by Microsoft’s device. The idea of recognition for the devices or objects placed on it was cool and so was the ability to transfer data via touch. There’s a lot of potential, but only for business users, arcade rooms, clubs and retailer/carrier showrooms. Also, hotels and airports, as well as restaurants may feature such novelty, but the average user won’t… ever!

That’s why we have tablets, but there’s a thing or two to learn from this: you should make devices with screens that support more types of interaction. Imagine placing a pair of keys or a glass of juice on a tablet and the device sensing what you placed there. That’s what a table could do, but a slate can’t…