The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet has reached Verizon in a Developer Edition, that still doesn’t get Lollipop. The device now appears on the carrier’s online store and this developer friendly hands makes us wonder what’s so special about it.


Developer Editions of Android smartphones are unique because they’re a combo between a standard OEM model and a Google Play Edition. You get unlocked bootloaders, that make it easier to mod, custom and develop and then you also keep the customized skin of the hardware maker, in this case TouchWiz. Basically, the Dev Edition of the Note 4 and the regular one look and feel the same.

The difference is there’s no carrier subsidy and the bootloader is unlocked. Since even this edition comes with Android 4.4, we’d have to guess we’re in for a huge wait for the Android 5.0 release on the Note 4, Note Edge, Galaxy S5, let alone older devices. While HTC, Motorola and Sony have already made announcements about Lollipop, Samsung has kept quiet.

Anyway, if you fancy this dev edition Note 4, it can be yours for $662.53.