Gaming tablets have become a big deal lately, with many big brands adopting this format. We’ve got Archos doing that and Samsung launching a gaming accessory for 6.3 inch devices. We’ve got the Razer Edge model and a couple of Asian slates as well and today we get a new name on that list: ibenX GamePad.


This Android-powered device is a 7 inch gaming tablet that seems to share the design of rivals like Archos GamePad, JXD S7100 and Tekniser Tek 807D, all of them models we’ve covered on this site. Well, if you want to know where this model stands out, it’s in the CPU area, since we get the less famous Allwinner A31s ARM Cortex A7 quad core processor and a PowerVR SGX 544 graphics chipset.

The resolution supported here is 1280 x 800 and the screen is of the IPS kind. We’ve got Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on board, a 5 megapixel camera at the back and a 0.3 megapixel front shooter, as well as 1 GB of RAM. While all of these sound fit for a midrange phone, I can’t really guarantee you’ll get top notch build quality.