The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite was supposed to debut in November, but apparently Samsung decided to postpone it for fear of cannibalizing the sales of the Note 3 and its other devices. Samsung was expecting to sell 3 million units this fall, but now everything has been moved to 2014.


Now new sources from South Korea are saying that the company will produce 500k units of the new model in January and 1.5 million in the second month of 2014. This means that we’ll get to see the product shown on stage at the Mobile World Congress in February. This device is meant for emerging markets and it will replace the Super AMOLED of the Note 3 with a LCD, as far as we’ve heard.

Also from South Korea, we’re hearing that Samsung expects the Note 3 Lite to stand for 30% of the total Galaxy Note 3 sales. The product is expected to integrate a 5.68 inch panel, an 8 megapixel camera and if you allow me to speculate, I’d see a quad core Snapdragon 400 CPU inside. I’m curious if the stylus will make the cut, since it’s the defining aspect of a Note after all.